Quality assessment of fish using image and video

This project uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to assess fish size, species and freshness in order to develop a digital fish provenance and quality tracking system for the Sydney Fish Market. read more

Complex dynamics in biotremology and bio-genetic communication channels

This project uses computational intelligence and nonlinear dynamics to investigate complex vibrations and design a smart diagnostic signal analysis framework that can lead to innovation of artificial materials and signal processing modalities. read more

Acoustic design of large exhaust mufflers for mining applications

This project develops techniques to lower structure-borne noise from intake and exhaust systems used by gas turbines in the power generation industry. read more

Innovative sensor suites and intelligent robotics for condition assessment of concrete sewers

This project develops novel sensing and robotic toolkits to assess the condition of concrete sewerage pipes. read more

Farm-wide microgrid decision support system for the Australian cotton industry

This project will create a decision support system (DSS) to evaluate available renewable power supply and storage options and investigate the optimal combination of distributed generation and storage systems for cotton farms. read more

Power supply for wheel lighting applications

This project studies a new wireless power transfer methodology to supply LED light to high speed rotating wheels. read more