Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs)

At Tech Lab, we understand that SMEs face with different R&D challenges to larger organisations. SMEs commonly engage in short projects that require a fast turnaround and prompt return on investment and this can make it difficult to work with universities in a traditional sense. Tech Lab addresses these challenges by offering tailored solutions to suit the specific needs of SMEs.

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Industry projects

Short R&D projects

Collaborate on shorter projects focussed on delivering value for your company. Projects can be developmental or commercially focussed, and scheduled over a period of weeks or months.

Leveraging investment for R&D projects

Many opportunities exist for leveraging investment in R&D, including numerous government schemes designed to support SME growth. Tech Lab will help you to prepare and submit funding applications.

Co-locate at Tech Lab

Partners are encouraged to join us at Tech Lab to optimise the opportunities for collaboration. We have space set aside with hot-desk and internet facilities to enable your staff to work out of Tech Lab whenever it’s convenient, whether that be for a day or a month.

Product testing

Hire our laboratories on a daily basis. We can provide research staff to perform testing on your behalf, or you can run your own tests with the support of our technical staff. Testing will be carried out to relevant standards, where appropriate, and some labs will apply for NATA accreditation.