Industry 4.0 & advanced manufacturing

Industry 4.0 promises to transform manufacturing by combining automation with emerging capabilities in artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT). Through the application of machine learning, new manufacturing processes can be created and existing processes optimised. Tech Lab works closely with the UTS Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and colleagues in Germany to develop new I4.0 technologies tailored to Australia’s unique industrial environment. Manufacturing is coming back!​


Areas of expertise

Artificial intelligence

Formulating advanced algorithms that enable computer vision, machine learning and data analytics.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Developing sensor technologies to facilitate digital connectivity between people, machines and products.

Digital twins & simulation

Applying process data to create a digital replica of a physical entity, used to monitor operations remotely, model proof-of-concept projects and accurately test new production methods before deployment.

Cyber-physical systems

Integrating artificial intelligence, IoT, data science and digital twins to produce a smart system capable of learning from itself and making decisions on its own.

Collaborative robots (cobots)

Combining the strengths of humans and robots in a shared work environment. 

Additive manufacturing

ProtoSpace is a rapid prototyping facility that spans 900m² in the city campus and includes Australia’s largest collection of additive manufacturing technologies.