UTS Nokia 5G Futures Lab

The 5G Futures Lab is a state of the art 5G research facility enabling UTS and Nokia to push the boundaries of 5G, 6G and future technologies. The lab will facilitate research to further 5G Radio, Transport and Cloud/Edge Compute technologies, plus develop real world 5G use cases for consumers, education and industry.


  • Fully functional 5G end to end network test environment. Built upon Nokia’s industry leading RAN, Transport and Cloud/Edge Compute portfolio.
  • State of the art data centre showcasing Nokia’s latest products.
  • Lab space for Nokia’s academic and industry partners.
  • Showcase facility for demonstrating real world 5G use case for the home, for the consumer and for Industry 4.0.
  • Learning space for UTS students, researchers and Nokia’s partners.
  • Direct connection to UTS anechoic antenna test chamber.


  • 5G test & development environment for Nokia’s regional customers (Optus, TPGT, NBN, Spark, Vodafone NZ, Chorus etc.)
  • Nokia 5G test network coverage will extend throughout UTS TechLab and the surrounding campus area.
  • The facility will support peak 5G bit rates of 5 Gbps and upwards.
  • 5G connectivity to on-site Nokia Edge Compute environment for Ultra Low Latency application/use case development.
  • Australia’s leading 5G connected industrial use case incubation facility.