5G/6G Wireless Communications & IoT Networking

The 5G/6G Wireless Communications and IoT Networking Lab conducts cross-layer research into 5G/6G technologies and systems. Research covers vehicular and drone communications and machine type communications in IoT, with a focus on modelling and analysing the impact on massive number of devices, ultra-reliable communications, low latency communications and cyber security. The lab partners with industry to develop and test algorithms, protocols and systems for real-life environments. 


  • 16×16 Massive MIMO testbed with adjustable carrier frequency from DC to 6 GHz and bandwidth up to 160 MHz 
  • 8×8 Xlinx ZCU111 RFoC Development boards and programmable mmWave radar boards 
  • DC – 110 GHz PNA probe station 
  • Multi-purpose PNA DC – 50GHz 
  • Anti-vibration tables for THz and mm-wave research 
  • 50GHz signal and spectrum generators 
  • 3D printers 


  • Networking technology development (5G, IoT and vehicular networks) 
  • Multi-radio access technology coexistence 
  • Dynamic spectrum sharing 
  • International spectrum standardisation 
  • Interference mitigation 
  • Joint communications and radio sensing 
  • Integrated space, air and ground communications 
  • mmWave and Terahertz-wave communications 
  • Embedded system hardware and firmware development 
  • Radio Frequency integrated circuits  
  • Microwave 3D printing circuits and antennas  
  • Microwave, millimetre-wave and terahertz antennas 
  • Highly linear power amplifier design in GaAs HBT technology for sub-6 GHz 5G applications 
  • Watt-level silicon-based power amplifier design for mm-wave 5G applications