Industry 4.0 Testlab

The Industry 4.0 Testlab is a first-of-its-kind industrial microalgae production facility. It provides a physical space for partners to trial, explore and showcase Industry 4.0 technologies and processes, and offers innovation support to SMEs seeking to grow their business in advanced manufacturing, medical technologies, pharmaceutical technologies, energy resources and mining energy management. 

Industry 4.0 Brewery

The Industry 4.0 Brewery will serve as a test bed for advanced manufacturing and Industrial Data Science. The fully automated system is based on state of the art PLCs, sensors and connectivity and allows for continuous monitoring of the brewing process as well as the product/beer. The brewery will be part of a global cyber-physical production network, which also includes a digital twin and an identical physical twin brewery at the TU Dortmund.

Working closely with our local brewery partner, Young Henrys from Newtown, ensures results are directly transferable to industry. Resulting research findings will also be highly relevant beyond beer – for example, for smart and sustainable manufacturing processes, supply chain logistics or general data science addressing aspects, such as concept drift or managing unmodeled parameters.