The Photonics Lab focuses on novel photonic materials, optical fibres, devices and applications that underpin photonic technologies for the future of IoT. All aspects of novel sensing are explored, from surface waves and quantised phenomena through to optical-fibre based sensing, smart diagnostic devices, optical trapping and terahertz spectroscopy.


  • A range of UV, visible and IR lasers (pulsed and CW)
  • FDM and DLP based 3D printers
  • Zeiss fluorescence microscope
  • Optical spectrum analysers
  • Refractometer
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
  • Scrubber-enabled fume hood
  • High temperature extruder
  • Ultra-high temperature ovens
  • Vibration isolation tables
  • IR cameras
  • Optical fibre sensor interrogators
  • Cryomill
  • Toptica Terascan (Terahertz spectroscopy system)


  • Fibre Bragg grating fabrication
  • Laser materials processing
  • Novel 3D printing
  • Optical trapping
  • Frequency-domain terahertz spectroscopy
  • Photonic device testing and characterisation
  • Customised optical fibre fabrication