Infrastructure, utilities & transport

Smart technology is changing the face of infrastructure, utilities and transport. The use of automation, data analytics, IoT, and cyber-physical simulation is improving asset management, driving service innovation and producing new sustainable materials, designs and practices.


Areas of expertise

IoT applications

Explore the frontier of innovation in developing 5G/6G technologies aimed at empowering the next generation of infrastructure-ready IoT devices.

Smart spaces & buildings

Explore the frontier of sensor technology through proof-of-concept testing within Tech Lab’s ‘living laboratory’. From benchmarking sensors to optimisng data acquisition systems, our initiatives pave the way for advancements in 5G/6G technologies.

Predictive maintenance & non-destructive testing

Explore cutting-edge strategies for long-term damage characterizsation, enabling condition-based maintenance and cost-effective asset management.

Roads, pavement & rail

Explore how we optimise the planning, construction, and performance of multi-modal transport networks for reliability, resilience, safety, and sustainability.

Remote monitoring

Explore the frontier of autonomous vehicle technology utilised for monitoring utility and transport assets. Harnessing data collection and analysis to inform decision-making and optimise operations management.

Real-time electricity grid simulation

Connecting real hardware to a simulated grid (hardware-in the-loop) in order to solve complex energy conversion problems, test equipment and evaluate the impact of power devices (inverters, battery chargers, wind turbines, PV modules).


Explore a number of multi-disciplinary labs at Tech Lab, designed to bolster the infrastructure, utilities, and transport sectors.

Industry research projects

Explore our unique facilities including the Structural Engineering Lab, Transport Research Centre, and Communications Lab, exclusively available to Tech Lab partners.