Large Scale Structural

Tech Lab is home to NSW’s only reaction wall and one of Australia’s largest strong floors. They allow for testing of big timber samples, reinforced concrete and steel structures up to 20m long and 8m wide.


  • High capacity vertical reaction wall
    • High capacity horizontal loads for advanced structural and hybrid simulation testing. Sensors measure force, displacement, acceleration, rotation or strain captured with high speed or high channel count acquisition systems.
  • Strong floor complemented with strong wall
    • Enables complex loading setups, large specimen handling and testing, bi-directional loading, fatigue-based testing, loading under vibrations, dynamic loading and setups with high load actions up to 2MN per load point.
  • Electro-hydraulic actuators


  • Low or high cycle fatigue for components or structures
  • Multi-axis loading setups
  • Tension, compression, bending and shear loading
  • Long span bending tests up to 20m and horizontal loading up to 4m high
  • Up to 6 independent actuators can apply load points to simulate various axle loads or multi-degree freedom of loading
  • Fatigue crack growth and fracture toughness
  • Component strength and durability
  • Dynamic characterisation damping
  • Large scale soil testing