Multimedia Data Analytics

The Multimedia Data Analytics Lab (MDAL) is Australia’s only dedicated facility for AI-based multimedia and video surveillance applications. The lab combines multiple UTS research areas including advanced analytics, big data technologies, multimedia and artificial intelligence. The lab houses state-of-the-art equipment including high-performance computing resources for image processing and video content analysis research.


  • 2 x high performance workstations with 16-core
  • 3 x NVIDIA Tesla V100 (32 GB) GPU card
  • 12 x Titan XP/V of GPU card
  • 1x 64-channel of H/D real-time 3D Lidar sensor
  • 20 High-solution IP cameras
  • 1 x Thermal camera
  • 8 x RGB-D Kinect cameras


  • Automated video surveillance and monitoring
  • Intelligent video analysis for pedestrian, vehicle and livestock detection
  • Human action recognition
  • Detection and counting of people, vehicles, animals and general objects
  • Human re-identification
  • 3D human body scanning and measurement
  • Human gait recognition
  • Infrastructure defect detection