Large scale structural testing

Tech Lab enables testing to standard of large steel, timber and reinforced concrete structures utilising our 20m x 10m strong floor and the only reaction wall in NSW.

We can test

  • Large scale steel, timber and reinforced concrete structures
  • Tension compression, bending, flexural, cantilever and shear loading
  • Multi-axis and multi-degree-of freedom loading
  • Low- and high-cycle fatigue
  • Dynamic loading
  • Structural performance


Strong floor

  • Dimensions: 20m x 10m, with couplers in 75% of the area
  • Tension and compression loading: up to 2MN
  • Shear loading: up to 1MN
  • Maximum sample length: 20m

Reaction wall

  • Dimensions: 4m x 4m
  • Loading: up to 2MN near base; 500kN at height of 4m


We test to a range of AS and ISO standards, including AS 3600, AS 2269, AS 2098, AS 6669 and AS 4067.

We can advise appropriate standards to test against, or undertake developmental testing that doesn’t adhere to a particular standard.


  • 2x650kN fatigue-rated long-stroke actuators (500mm stroke)
  • 2MN fatigue-rated long-stroke actuator (500mm stroke)
  • 160kN actuator capable of 100Hz+ loading and 1m/s velocities
  • 400kN fatigue-rated actuator (300mm stroke)
  • Advanced MTS FlexTest 60 control system with closed-loop PID control
  • Data acquisition: 100 + channels, including strain modules
  • Load cells: from 50kg to 2MN capacity with multi-axis loading up to four-degrees-of-freedom
  • Laser displacement sensors, LVDT and string pots
  • Inclinometers
  • DIC system for strain measurements
  • Fibre optical sensors (FBG)

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