Wireless communications & Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless communications are connecting people, machines and devices, driving a revolution in big data and sparking a new wave of innovations. Tech Lab partners with industry and government to develop key enabling technologies for 5G/6G and IoT, paving the way for communication systems that are smarter, safer and more sustainable.


Areas of expertise

Mobile sensing & high-speed data communications

Explore our initiatives focused on developing cutting-edge remote sensing and wireless communication technologies, aimed at enhancing both national and global broadband infrastructure.

Antenna & radio frequency (RF)

Discover our state-of-the-art antenna testing facilities, featuring the largest near-field antenna anechoic chamber in Australia. We specialise in testing various antennas, including reconfigurable beam scanning antennas, metamaterial-inspired antennas, and base station antennas for 4G/5G and beyond.

5G/6G communications & IoT networks

Discover our innovative strides in developing intelligent solutions for 5G/6G and IoT networks. From optical fiber-based sensing to smart devices, vehicular and drone communications, software-defined networking (SDN), spectrum sharing, and machine-type communications, we’re at the forefront of shaping the future of connectivity.


Cybersecurity & blockchain

Discover how we establish robust cyber-defense solutions to safeguard the internet, cloud services, and IoT infrastructure. Our expertise extends to enabling real-time tracking of IoT devices, ensuring data privacy, and providing tamper-proof traceability in blockchain systems.

Integrated nanosystems

Discover how our integrated nano systems revolutionise device efficiency by minimising parasitic energy loss across electrical, thermal, and mechanical domains. Experience the next level of sustainability and performance, particularly in IoT systems, through innovative engineering solutions.