Construction & asset management

Rapid population expansion, megacities, digital disruption and artificial intelligence have created new demands and opportunities for the construction and asset management sectors. At Tech Lab, we take a multidisciplinary approach to solve the problems facing today’s society and have integrated IoT, complex data analysis, augmented reality, AI and robotics into civil and environmental engineering. Technological advancements in these fields are shaping the next generation of infrastructure, from smart buildings and sustainable materials to automated processes and intelligent drones.



Areas of expertise

Smart structures & materials

Optimising structural performance and design through the acquisition and analysis of data using IoT sensor and data science technologies.


Replacing workers in dangerous locations and improving operational efficiency.

Cement & concrete

Developing new technologies for cement and concrete, including embedding IoT sensors in structures.

Structural health monitoring & non-destructive testing

Implementing long term damage detection and characterisation strategies to enhance structural reliability and life cycle management.

Intelligent drones

Generating 3D images of construction sites and remote monitoring of systems and assets.

Augmented reality

Presenting interactive 3D modelling and real time feedback for construction site and infrastructure management.

Laboratories supporting the construction industry

Tech Lab offers a number of multi-disciplinary labs that support and enhance the construction, smart infrastructure and asset management industries.

Industry research projects

The Acoustics Lab, Structural Testing Lab and Material Characterisation Lab are unique facilities available to Tech Lab partners.