Material Characterisation & Service Life

The Material Characterisation and Service Life Lab specialises in inorganic chemistry, materials science, structural engineering, timber and concrete.


  • Climate chamber
    • Large room kept at 38°C
  • Concrete/mortar lab
    • Automated concrete mixers
    • Concrete grinder/Labotom 15 slicer
    • 4MN concrete compression machine with flexural rig
    • Concrete profile grinder
  • Shrinkage room as per Australia standard AS1012.13-2015
  • Durability lab
    • Carbonation chamber
    • Simultaneous TG/DSC Apparatus (STA 449 F5 Jupiter)
    • Germann Rapid Chloride Permeability Test (PCPT) NT BUILD 492, ASTM C1760 ASTM C12202
    • Eight channel Calorimeters ( CALMETRIX and TAM Air THERMOSTAT)
    • Autoclave LVSA 50/70
    • Thermoline humidity cabinets
  • Material Properties and Characterisation
    • UTM UH500kNXR- 50t capacity
    • UTM AGX50 – 5t capacity
    • UTM UH2000kNX – 200t capacity
    • Digital Image Correlation system (DIC)


  • Large climate chamber to accommodate small and large scale structural beams to 38 °C climate conditions.
  • Develop composition mix and test early hydration characteristics of fresh cement paste and mortar.
  • Develop mix proportions and preparations for concrete.
  • Cure concrete and mortar samples in various conditions.
  • Test fresh and hardened mortar, concrete properties and other materials.
  • Monitor and assess durability of concrete and mortar samples exposed to various environmental conditions.
  • Monitor short and long-term performance of materials and structures to assess effects of environmental conditions such as deflection, shrinkage and creep
  • Assess tension, compression, bending and shear under static and low cycle fatigue across a range of materials.
  • Strain and displacement testing facility.