Multi-axial simulation table (MAST)

A six-degrees-of-freedom table, the MAST tests the dynamic response of large structures by applying vibration to their base.

The MAST is suitable for

  • Seismic/earthquake testing
  • Ambient vibrations
  • Simulation of wind loading
  • Vibration of measurement equipment
  • Transport or automobile vibration
  • Simulation of ground, ship or floor movements
  • Modal analysis
  • Structural health monitoring


  • MTS Systems: Model 354.20 6 DOF Hexapod
  • Table dimension: 2m x 2m, can be extended to 4m x 4m
  • Maximum load: 2000kg
  • Maximum acceleration at peak load: 6g (vertical direction)
  • Frequency range: 0.8 – 200 Hz
  • Maximum displacement: +/- 200mm


The MAST can test to a variety of standards, including IEEE AC-156, GR-63-Core and IBC.

We can advise appropriate standards to test against, or undertake developmental testing that doesn’t adhere to a particular standard.


Specialist sensors, including:


  • Wireless sensors
  • 24 IEPE accelerometers +/- 50g 10kHz
  • Laser displacement sensors for non-contact dynamic measurements
  • LVDT and mag
  • Dedicated accelerometer and modal hammer impact acquisition systems with inbuilt MTS FlexTest 60 input modules
  • High channel count systems (100+)
  • High-speed data acquisition in the order of 2MHz

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