ALS Industrial: Laser Doppler vibrometry for condition assessment

This project uses rotation laser Doppler vibrometry (LDV) for condition monitoring of gas compression systems in rural Queensland.


Maintaining the optimum condition of machinery while minimising disruption to operations is a complex task. Measurement of a gas compressor’s shaft gives a more accurate diagnosis of condition than nearby non-rotating components but requires significant downtime and risk management for setup and installation.

ALS Industrial, providers of engineering services to the oil and gas industry, approached Tech Lab looking to diversify their capability to include laser Doppler vibrometry (LDV) – a method of non-contact inspection that can be used directly on rotating surfaces.



The UTS Tech Lab team are world-leaders in the development and application of LDV for industrial measurement challenges. A core group of ALS staff were trained in the best use of the technology, with a follow-up seminar delivered to a wider group on-site. Access to equipment, analysis support, interpretation of results and a rigorous review of the final report were also included in the service, allowing ALS to deliver condition assessment time and cost savings to their clients.

6 months

Academic team
Dr Benjamin Halkon
Dr Paul Walker
Dr Sebastian Oberst


Engagement model
Research as a service

ALS Industrial

Future applications
Numerical modelling of complex rotating machinery

Area of expertise
Infrastructure, utilities & transport