Bosco Lighting: A study of AC/DC switching power supplies performance

This project evaluates the performance of commercial power supply for solid-state lighting equipment, investigates potential causes of power supply failure and provides recommendations for further design.


Commercial switch-mode power supplies must comply with a number of industry safety standards such as electric current harmonics, thermal and electrical protections and electromagnetic interference (EMI). The challenge is to design a power system that meets all these safety requirements while remaining cost-effective.



The UTS Tech Lab team developed an interactive testing platform to assess key safety standards and allow for optimisation of switching power supply development and design.

6 months

Academic team
Associate Professor Dylan Lu

Electrical Power & Energy Systems

Engagement model
Testing & consultancy

Bosco Lighting

Future applications
Solid-state lighting
Off-line AC/DC power supply

Area of expertise
Infrastructure, utilities & transport
Wireless communications & Internet of Things