Data science

Increases in computing power and data storage capacity across the globe have resulted in businesses generating and storing huge volumes of data. However, despite its economic and social value, this data remains a largely untapped resource. The Advanced Analytics Institute (AAi) works with organisations across all sectors to extract significant value from large data sets. The AAi lend their expertise to projects at Tech Lab and help partners integrate new data technologies into their processes in order to enhance decision-making capabilities, improve business performance and develop new opportunities.

Areas of expertise

Big data, data analytics & data mining

Uncovering meaningful patterns and insights in large structured and unstructured data sets.

Data visualisation

Communicating data relations through graphic representation.

Business intelligence

Unlocking the value inherent in business data sets.

Machine learning

Creating systems that learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.


Cause and effect analysis and the active management of disease, patients and treatment.

Multimedia & new media analytics

Developing fast and effective media information search tools to retrieve and share data across the internet.

Decision-making, optimisation, risk analysis & management

Using data to inform business strategy and support organisational decision-making.