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At Tech Lab we take an agile, flexible and partner-led approach to research projects.

There are multiple ways to collaborate with Tech Lab. Whether you’re a start-up, SME or large multinational, we can customise a partnership model that will suit your specific needs.

Our partnership models are designed to promote a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to research with real and sustainable commercial impact for our partners.


Project type

Typical duration


Research & Development

Deliver long-term R&D initiatives in a dedicated research facility with ongoing access to facilities, experts and office space.

1-5 years

Tech Lab membership

Joint-funded projects

Research & Development

Deliver single research-focused projects with access to the required lab/s. Partners may choose to undertake the research using their own staff, in collaboration with an industry partner or in collaboration with Tech Lab experts.

3-24 months

R&D as a service

Joint-funded projects

Rapid commercialisation

Product & Standards Testing

Tech Lab has the equipment and expertise to test products to Australian and international measurement standards. Partners can hire the lab to run their own testing or Tech Lab can provide an independent report for you on product performance.

0-3 months

Standards testing

Short-term product development

Tech Lab membership

Our most advanced level of partnership offers comprehensive access to our facilities, R&D expertise and support to execute your projects from concept to deployment. We take a bespoke and responsive approach based on single or multiple projects identified by partners. Membership is covered by an annual subscription fee with a contract duration typically between 1-5 years.

  • Co-location​
  • Access to state-of-the-art multidisciplinary facilities and bespoke IT systems​
  • Leading academic and technical staff​
  • Skilled students and emerging talent​
  • Single point of contact and project management support​
  • Full IP ownership for research projects​
  • Contribution to the governance of Tech Lab and its future development

Joint-funded projects

Joint-funded projects leverage partner investment by attracting additional funding from external sources. This enables Tech Lab to support large transformative projects, and help SMEs access funding for small scale projects.

  • Leverage your investment to scale up projects​
  • Coordination of grant applications​
  • Research expertise, including partnership with other universities​
  • Access to state-of-the-art multidisciplinary facilities and bespoke IT systems​
  • Option to co-locate​
  • Single point of contact and project management support​
  • Flexible IP approach​

R&D as a service

Tech Lab can be contracted to undertake R&D on behalf of partners. Once you identify your project objectives, we work to an agreed timeline to deliver the outcome.

  • Dedicated project expertise including professional engineering team in Rapido, the commercialisation arm of Tech Lab
  • Access to multidisciplinary facilities and equipment
  • Ability to move a project from proof-of-concept to a commercial MVP
  • Option to co-locate for a fixed period

Rapid commercialisation

UTS Rapido are a team of professional engineers dedicated to achieving commercial outcomes for R&D projects. Rapido utilise an array of resources and facilities, such as 3D printing and data visualisation, and apply tech expertise to deliver hardware and software products and solutions.

  • Commercialisation expertise
  • Multidisciplinary capabilities including mechanical, mechatronics, software engineering, data science, machine learning, 3D geometry processing, IoT and AI
  • Social impact and humanitarian engineering through Rapido Social
  • Leading professional engineering staff
  • Access to state-of-the-art facilities (3D printing, data visualisation) and bespoke IT systems
  • Dedicated project expertise

Product testing

Tech Lab provides access to laboratories for general purpose or routine data collection, product standardisation and testing. Partners may use their own staff or Tech Lab can act as a consultant, performing the tests and providing written reports and certifications as required.

  • Testing to Australian and international industry standards*
  • Product development leading to commercialisation
  • Technical staff to carry out a pre-determined program of testing
  • Support from technical staff to enable you to carry out your own testing
  • Use of one or more labs, including equipment
  • Provision of data and reports
  • Fast turnaround of projects
*NATA accreditation

Our laboratories operate to the relevant international ISO Standards. We’re also seeking NATA accreditation for the following laboratories

Laboratory Expected submission for accreditation
Acoustics facilities Q3-Q4 2020
Multi Axis Simulation Table Q3 2020


NATA accreditation is a lengthy process and these labs are currently undertaking preparatory work required before application.

We will also consider accreditation for other laboratories if a clear need is expressed by partners. Please contact us if you wish to see other areas of Tech Lab apply for NATA accreditation.

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