Nanjing University: Integrated directional sound reproduction with parametric array loudspeakers

This project aims to develop new loudspeaker arrays that will generate high-quality sound in precisely-targeted directions for use in mobile phones and other applications.


Generating audio sound in a specific direction is useful for mobile phones, museums, retail stores and digital signage, but difficult to achieve in the low frequency range. Parametric array loudspeakers (PAL) use ultrasonics to deliver sound in a narrow laser-like beam, however the pressure level is often low. The challenge lies in developing new PAL loudspeakers that work well at low frequencies.


Using an anechoic chamber – a room designed to completely absorb the reflections of either sound or electromagnetic waves – the UTS Tech Lab team is investigating the directional performance and efficiency of parametric array speakers with the aim of designing a new device with superior performance in generating high-quality, precisely-targeted sound.

1 year

Academic team
Professor Xiaojun Qiu
Mr Jiaxin Zhong


Engagement model
R&D as a service

Nanjing University

Future applications
Sound reproduction
Noise control
Mobile phones

Area of expertise
Infrastructure, utilities & transport
Wireless communications & Internet of Things