Hushpak Engineering: Acoustic design of mining exhaust mufflers

This project applies computer models to optimise the design of mufflers used to lower noise from engine exhaust systems.


Noise emitted by the exhausts of large internal combustion engines can cause significant environmental pollution. Hushpak wanted to improve the acoustic design of their exhaust mufflers to enable clients to reduce noise levels and meet EPA standards.



The UTS Tech Lab team developed computational software, using state-of-the-art modelling techniques, to optimise the design of Hushpak’s mufflers. A new, quieter design was tested on a mining truck and found to significantly outperform previous designs. Hushpak now use this software to create all their mufflers and are working with the Tech Lab team to expand their business into other large engine applications.

6 months

Academic team
Associate Professor Ray Kirby


Engagement model
Joint-funded project

Innovation Connections
Hushpak Pty Ltd

Future applications
Large mining vehicles
Large vehicles with engines over 20L
Locomotives, esp freight applications

Area of expertise
Infrastructure, utilities & transport