Daikin: Sound power and sound pressure measurement of air conditioner noise

The acoustics team tested a range of Daikin ducted air conditioning units to determine the noise rating of products. The test also captured the spatial distribution of noise over a hemisphere under various installation and operation conditions.


This acoustic project required testing of a range of air conditioning units with remote monitoring for Daikin who was offsite during the COVID-19 lockdown.



The UTS Tech Lab team developed scientific testing systems using Brüel & Kjær instruments, facilitating quick and easy testing to standards, including ISO 3745 and ISO 3744. The team also developed a tool for automatic test reporting of butch tests to accommodate air conditioning tests under various operation conditions.

The Acoustics Labs contains cameras and an audio system with 64 DPA 4060 microphones and Yamaha DAW systems, for a live audio-visual feed for remote observation and monitoring of acoustic testing. This service assisted the client to engage in the test without onsite presence.

The team completed the ISO 3745 testing of 32 test samples in one month delivering a test report per test sample and the measurement data for Daikin’s own R&D.

1 month

Academic team
Associate Professor Ray Kirby
Dr Qiaoxi Zhu
Dr Paul Williams


Engagement model
Testing & consultancy

Daikin Australia

Future applications
Assess the acoustic performance of products.
Provide scientific measurement results for the client’s R&D.
Improve the acoustic environment in buildings.

Area of expertise
Infrastructure, utilities & transport