UTS partners with Nokia to push the boundaries of 5G technology

UTS and Nokia have formed a 5-year partnership to accelerate research and development of 5G, and future 6G, networks and strengthen collaboration with industry.

Nokia and UTS will build a 5G innovation lab, based at UTS Tech Lab, to expand the boundaries of 5G technology and test exciting new use cases with real world applications. Alongside providing a live 5G test bed for commercial partners, the lab will serve as an environment for new research opportunities within the ICT sector.

A team of Nokia engineers will co-locate at Tech Lab, where they will have access to the multidisciplinary facility, specialist equipment and UTS academic and technical staff. Nokia’s commitment to innovation and technology leadership is spearheaded by Oceania CTO, Dr Robert Joyce.

I’m so excited to announce Nokia’s partnership with UTS on this exciting 5G adventure. This partnership builds upon the already great facilities at UTS Tech Lab and will enable Nokia, UTS and their partners to develop, test and demonstrate the full power of 5G here in Australia. We are already exploring some amazing 5G use cases unique to Australia and we look forward to demonstrating these in the near future.

The lab will investigate the application of 5G and 6G in cybersecurity, advanced antenna and mmWave technologies, virtual and augmented reality, data science and AI. Projects will also focus on the potential of 5G and 6G to advance Industry 4.0 and provide new Internet of Energy capabilities across smart grid, energy storage and wireless power transfer.