Building, testing and deploying Australian technology for space missions.

Space Machines Company (SMC) is an Australian start-up developing space transportation capability to insert small satellites into desired LEO, GEO, and cis-lunar orbits. SMC’s Optimus Platform, which is integrated and manufactured at UTS, provides personalized, cost effective and flexible in-space transportation services for satellite customers.

SMC’s Optimus Platform provides personalized, cost effective and flexible in-space transportation services to satellite customers.

Leveraging UTS Tech Labs unique research facilities, SMC is focused on the following areas:

  • Transport
  • Satellite as a service
  • Orbit side assistance
  • Exploration as a service

The team will launch its first mission together with Australian payloads from HEO Robotics, Sperospace, Spiral Blue, Esper Satellite Imagery and Dandelions. SMC is also working towards conducting an industry-led Lunar mission that demonstrates Australian Space Capability, Lunar Ascent. The consortium, led by SMC and supported by Deloitte aims to put 60kg of payload into lunar orbit by 2024. This will give partners the opportunity to access orbit for commercial and research purposes, without the capital required for standalone satellites.

Research at UTS Tech Lab is aligned to advances in the Australian Space Industry, enabling the ecosystem to advance its R&D at pace. Research capabilities include communications, robotics and automation and artificial intelligence.

The expansion of UTS Tech Lab signals our commitment to the Australian space sector by providing large scale laboratory facilities to design, prototype and test new products. This includes large structural testing facilities and Australia’s largest Antenna Chamber – these facilities will boost innovation, accelerate product development, and strengthen collaboration between high-tech start-ups such as Space Machines Company for years to come.
Professor Ray Kirby, Director UTS Tech Lab

Australia’s space industry is going through rapid growth. This partnership with UTS Tech Lab gives us direct access to facilities, equipment and expertise to support the development of our services to offer safe and cost-effective in space transportation.
Rajat Kulshrestha, CEO Space Machines Company