Innovation in seafood tracking and traceability

UTS Tech Lab is combining its strengths in artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) to guarantee the freshest catch for Sydney Fish Market.

The Australian seafood industry is worth around $3B, with annual consumption increasing year on year. Customer expectations are also growing, especially when it comes to food source, quality and freshness.

UTS have partnered with Sydney Fish Market to address this challenge, offering a transdisciplinary solution to achieve real-time tracking from catch to transport and sale.

Starting at the source, the UTS research team will produce an app for fishers to track catch location, method and species. The app will also use image processing technology to verify the species. Smart sensors will track the fish to its destination, monitoring temperature, packaging and freshness.

This app will provide traders and customers with catch to market information, including the freshness quality index, allowing customers to build trust in the catch and transport process and confidence in their final purchase.

The quality tracking system (BeFAQT) combines expertise in IoT, image processing, e-nose, blockchain system and mobile apps in an original and innovative way to address issues in the fish supply chain.

This is a Food Agility project led by Sydney Fish Market, UTS and UDT. It also involves NSW Department of Primary Industries and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

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