What is Tech Lab? Copy

Design, prototype, test and build in a state-of-the-art R&D facility.

We are a collaborative research facility that co-locates large-scale engineering infrastructure with specialist laboratories dedicated to communications, sensor development and computer sciences, including data analytics and AI.

Industry partners can access experts, labs and specialist equipment, funding opportunities, student talent and office space in the expanding precinct in Botany, Sydney. This supports an innovation ecosystem that partners start-ups, SMEs, and large multinational organisations with academic and technical teams.

Our combination of research expertise, industry collaboration and world-class facilities make Tech Lab a unique environment in which to create commercially responsive solutions to a wide range of R&D challenges.

Bespoke partnerships

Whether you’re a start-up, SME or large organisation, we can create a tailored research solution to suit your specific needs.

Flexible approach

Our agile, service-led approach means we work efficiently to execute contracts, respond to project requests and minimise bureaucracy.

IP ownership

Unlike traditional university research arrangements, partners own, and have the right to commercialise, the majority of foreground IP developed on projects with Tech Lab.

Multidisciplinary solutions

Tech Lab is the only facility in Australia that combines diverse engineering and computer science laboratories and research staff.

World-class research talent

Partners access a research culture, including seminars and workshops from international experts, and a student pipeline to support your long-term talent acquisition strategy.


We co-locate partners of different size, and from different industry sectors, to promote the exchange of knowledge, ideas and opportunities.


Tech Lab partners have the opportunity to co-locate for some or all of their project timeline. We have a large open plan office that includes permanent desk space for long term partners and hot desk facilities for shorter projects. You can work flexibly and join us whenever it fits your schedule.

We encourage partners to make extensive use of our laboratories, which are available for testing and developmental work. You’ll be supported by our technical staff who ensure that safe operating procedures are followed.

Project management

We’ll help shape your project vision and drive execution. Partners make use of cutting-edge project facilities, including collaborative workspaces, meeting and seminar rooms.

Funding opportunities

We can provide advice on project viability and identify possible funding options, including collaborative funding schemes.