Industry 4.0 & advanced manufacturing

​Industry 4.0 promises to transform manufacturing by combining automation with the emerging capabilities in artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT). Through the application of machine learning, new manufacturing processes can be developed and existing processes optimised. Tech Lab works with colleagues in Germany to develop new I4.0 technologies tailored to Australia’s unique industrial environment: manufacturing is coming back!

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Areas of expertise

Internet of Things (IoT)

Developing sensor technologies to collect real-time data from manufacturing processes.

Artificial intelligence

Designing algorithms and machine learning to optimise system operations.

Digital twins & interactive data screens

Applying process data to create digital replicas used to monitor operations, model proof-of-concept projects and accurately test new production methods before deployment. Screens are suitable for presenting I4.0 processes to senior management and potential customers.

Cyber-physical system

Integrating IoT, artificial intelligence and digital twins to produce a smart system that increases production control, improves predictive maintenance and reduces general operation time.

Collaborative robots (cobots)

Replacing humans in the performance of laborious, repetitive or hazardous tasks and facilitating seamless human robot collaboration.

Additive manufacturing

In 2021, Tech Lab will add 3 large metal 3D printers to support development of new products and complement 3D printing capabilities currently available in Protospace.